• Birthdays make me think
    I turned 26 today.  Does it matter? Yes, it does. Since last year, this day serves as a checkpoint to evaluate what I’m doing in life. Re-evaluating where I am I ask myself one simple question: is my pursuit of… Read More
  • My 2020 Annual Review
    This year is something that we all won’t forget, right?  Following is the quick recap of my 2020, and I will follow the same pattern of annual review from James Clear, with the following questions. What went well this year?… Read More
  • Career Advice for Uniquely Ambitious people
    I was initially skeptical about buying this book but was interested to see what the author’s opinions were.  Some advice was excellent, which most of us might only learn very late in our career. I have compiled the golden nuggets… Read More
  • Of all things that happened
    In 2010, the statewide final exam result to graduate 10th grade was due in a few minutes. I was frantically walking back and forth outside one of the few places in my town with the internet. Almost everyone around me… Read More